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About Cohedron

We are Cohedron. A single group of strong companies, each with their own expertise. With a single shared drive: to make a meaningful impact – on the lives and success of people, organisations, companies and society. That’s what we stand for and aim for.

Together, we are Wyzer, Future Communication, Human Capital Group, Argonaut, Zorg-Lokaal, Plangroep and Plangroep Financial Services.

Our culture.

Everywhere in our organization – holding and operating companies – it is all about people. The people who work for us and for whom we work. We achieve results for them, we make meaningful impact for them. We have been doing this for 30 years in an open-minded, flexible and expert manner, with an eye for all stakeholders.

We are enterprising
We encourage new initiatives and ideas. And we are always looking for new opportunities, with new forms of collaboration and new technology.

We work sustainability
Committed and future-proof, for people and the environment. We build lasting and meaningful relationships and come up with long-term solutions.

People first
People make our organization. That is why we pay a lot of attention to growth and personal development, but we also consider health, cooperation and a good balance between work and home.

Make an impact together?

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