How we work

People make
the world

Making an impact, by putting people first. In our service provision and in our results.


We believe in the energy of people and the power of partnership. We are professionals who want to make a difference. We do this together: with the people who work for us and with us, and with the people we work for: our clients’ clients. People make the world.

Starting from the substance

We think and we act. From strategic to operational. Our professionals are specialists in their own fields. Experts rooted in reality. And always looking to the future. We encourage new ideas and think in terms of possibilities. For ourselves and for our clients. The future lies ahead of us.

For results

We are not satisfied until goals have been achieved and our work is bearing fruit. We aim for solutions that are robust and future-proof. People-driven and results-driven go together for us. Healthy organisations contribute to growth and welfare for people and society. Results take us forward together.

Good work.
For people, society and the environment

We work for results. We work for people. For us, the one is not possible without the other. Cohedron therefore opts for quality in everything we do. So that the work we do is measurably good. For organisations, people and the world we live in.


We work towards long-term relationships. This is why we offer our clients solutions that are future-proof. And we help our staff to keep up their healthy development. We build those relationships based on quality. Cohedron has an ISO9001-certified quality management system for measuring and constantly improving our objectives – in terms of customer satisfaction, service provision, risk management and privacy. We set a high bar here: our measures not only comply with the law, but also meet our own conditions for long-term relationships.

Cohedron Quality Policy 2020
Cohedron’s ISO9001 quality certificate

Growth in expertise and technology

Knowledge never stands still. We continuously improve the quality of our services. We support our operating companies with, among other things, our own training academy and the development of our own IT systems. We are also looking at how we can expand our network. By bringing in more expertise. And by investing in platforms that make our work more efficient, so that we devote all our time and attention to things that really make a difference.

Environmental impact

The impact we are making today will have an impact on the world of tomorrow. We must therefore take responsibility for the effect of our work on the environment as well. Cohedron works with an ISO14001-certified environmental management system. This contains specific goals and actions. For example, we are aiming to emit 2% less CO2 in 2020, and we are taking environmental measures in terms of paper consumption, waste, building energy consumption and the purchasing of office equipment. We take our responsibilities seriously: our measures go far beyond what is prescribed in legislation and regulations.

Cohedron’s Environment and Energy Policy 2020
Cohedron’s ISO14001 quality certificate

ESG: In balance

We – Cohedron and its subsidiaries – work in line with the ESG principle. That means there is always an optimum balance between Environment, People (Social) and appropriate Governance in the choices we make. Because we simply believe that these three factors cannot stand on their own. In this way, we ensure a balance between the interests of the organisation, staff, clients, society and the environment. You can see this balance in the combination of our healthy finances, our organic company restaurant, yoga and chair massages for staff and our programme for environmentally-conscious travel.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

At Cohedron you can expect judgement-free and equal treatment. Discrimination and exclusion of people does not suit us and we do not accept discrimination on any ground. We have captured this – for us self-evident – in a statement from our parent organization Cohedron. It also tells you that we continue to take steps to become even more inclusive and diverse. With the statement we contribute to a labor market without discrimination, but we also actively ensure a workforce that is just as diverse as our society!

Social return

Cohedron believes in win-win. That there are opportunities for helping both people and our company move forward. This is why, when we advertise a vacancy, we always look to see if there are any candidates who are disadvantaged on the labour market. We offer them the chance to gain work experience at one of our companies. This is how dozens of people have already been able to get back to work through us – either within or outside Cohedron.

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Make an impact together?

Our subsidiaries

The partner for all HR matters relating to job evaluation, compensation & benefits, outplacement, interim HR and reorganisations.

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Nationwide specialist with more than 50 years of experience in the field of socio-medical consultancy services.

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Helps organisations that want to implement or supervise changes. Changes that impact the environment in which people live and work.

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We help municipalities to get - and keep - a grip on responsible care deployment, so that they can (further) improve their care procurement-related administrative and financial processes.

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Financial services provider in the field of debt support, budget management and administration, with the aim of identifying and even preventing financial problems and providing long-term solutions.

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Robust public services provider for the (local and other) authorities who is good for everybody: for people, for organisations and for society as a whole - we use our knowledge to give direction and results.

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Delivers both standard and tailormade solutions for capacity issues within financial institutions. Their professionals and specialist knowledge deliver added value for our partners.

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