Integrated Debt Management Service for the municipality of Almere

Subsidiary: Plangroep
Project: Integrated Debt Management Service for the municipality of Almere
Aim: From prevention to long-term curative solutions for citizens’ debt issues in the municipality of Almere
Duration of project: 2013 to 2023 inclusive. Contract extended to maximum.

‘Provide the service for our debt management services’

Through outsourcing, we were commissioned to offer tailor-made programmes for a range of debt management services and to deploy Plangroep’s service provision arrangements. To this end, Plangroep is working closely with the social partners in Almere for the psycho-social aspect of debt issues. In addition, Plangroep is providing preventative activities for citizens in the municipality. Plangroep creates an annual action plan for this, in collaboration with the municipality.


Plangroep has been developing early-warning activities over the years, in collaboration with the municipality. Concepts specific to target groups have also been developed and adopted, such as the Jongeren Perspectief Fonds (‘Young People’s Prospects Fund’, JPG). This focuses on the future prospects of young people, rather than their debts.


The result is that Plangroep is carrying out all the activities in the field of prevention and early warning for citizens with financial problems, long-term resolutions for debt issues through tailor-made programmes in combination with budgeting coaching and budget management.


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