Future Communication

Schiphol renovation of Terminal 1

Subsidiary: Future Communication
Project: Schiphol renovation of Terminal 1
Aim: Keeping passengers’ customer experience up to scratch during building operations
Duration of project: 2018-2022

‘Keep the customer experience up to scratch during our renovation’

Future Communication is helping Schiphol with the renovation of Terminal 1 by fostering an understanding among travellers, surprising them during the renovation process and showing them the kind of great, future-oriented adaptations that are being implemented. Schiphol is already very good at functional communication, but would like to address the customer experience more positively. In other words: keep the customer experience up to standard during the renovation and put a smile on our passengers’ faces!


In order to positively influence the customer experience during the renovation, it is important to alter the method of communication. Besides functional explanations, they developed some surprising concepts aimed at emotion, so that travellers would retain positive memories about their journey at Schiphol. Many fabric partitions and fences are being used, for example, which they covered with designs and messages. Virtual and augmented reality have also been used in the design of the new lounge. Whereas the departure hall is all about peace and flow, the lounge has been kitted out in the spirit of imagination, entertainment and consumption. Success will be celebrated with a festive reopening of a modernised business-class lounge and topping-out ceremony once the builders have reached the highest point.


When rolling out all the concepts, it was important that Departures 1 and Lounge 1 looked neat and tidy, despite the building work going on. This was why we visited the terminal almost every week to review the location and communications. The travellers’ customer experience was also measured every two months. Given that the building work is still going on and that the handover is planned for 2022, we can keep adjusting the approach. In order to keep the stakeholders and the project team involved and in the loop, we are sending a six-weekly newsletter with the successes, milestones, progress photos and interviews with those involved. We are also providing stakeholders and the project team with ways of communicating about the renovation themselves.


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