Plangroep Financiële Services

Starting up a Remediation Team (REM) for the KNAB bank

Subsidiary: Plangroep Financial Services
Project: Starting up a Remediation Team (REM) for the KNAB bank
Aim: Putting the right professionals in place
Duration of project: 2 months

‘Help us find the right professionals’

Compliance is an area we focus on within banking, and we have helped many banks (ABN, Rabobank, ING & KNAB) find the right professionals for this. The KNAB bank had an issue for which they needed to start up a whole new Remediation Team (REM).


The idea was to start this team off with six experienced CDD specialists, who could then define, issue and implement a plan and the policy themselves. This was intended to result in a 35-strong team within 2 months. We were asked to help out with this issue.


We provided KNAB with 5 senior specialists, who still have a leading role in this project today. In the meantime, we have brought in a further 6 specialists which brings the total to 11 Senior Analysts who, along with the REM team, are getting the best results compared to the other existing teams within KNAB. Owing to this success, they are now going to deal with the CDD backlog at Aegon Bank and strengthen the team with our help once more!


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