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People for results for people

Cohedron’s work is results-driven and socially aware. We believe that results and people go hand in hand. We achieve this in 3 fields of activity: outsourcing, secondment and consultancy. Our operating companies are market leaders in each of these services, with the combination of these fields of activity also making Cohedron a unique player in the Dutch market.


We take over the full provision of specialist personal finance services within the municipality, such as debt counselling, budget management and administration. We take on responsibility for providing
these services on behalf of the municipality. And that is because we can offer these services much more efficiently and costeffectively than the municipality itself, since we have developed our own IT systems which automate and accelerate many (previously manual) processes.

Our outsourcing companies

Plangroep is an engaged and professional financial care provider, offering individual assistance to people who are (temporarily or permanently) unable to manage their finances and/or organise personal care. We focus on debt counselling, budget management and administration. Our aim is to prevent and detect financial problems at the earliest possible stage and to tackle them in a lasting way. With our many years of experience and our position as market leader we have the knowledge and skill to offer our clients personal attention and customised products. We support municipalities in performing their statutory duties and, support care providers and social organisations in the field of administration, guardianship and mentorship. We also help customers of private businesses with payment arrears.

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Zorg-Lokaal helps municipalities to conduct administrative and financial processes around allocated care in a responsible way in the field of youth care and social support. Zorg-Lokaal carries out these administrative processes more efficiently, and they also provide valuable data for financial forecasting purposes. Zorg-Lokaal invests in the development and expansion of platforms and regional dashboards, providing overviews and insights. Data analysis and the use of machine learning increases predictive capacity in the care sector: this allows increased control over both responsible care provision and care expenditure.

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Our secondment division deploys highly skilled professionals to work in local authorities. We have more than 1,000 people on secondment to municipalities across the country. Our access to this large pool of talent of experienced professionals with specialist knowledge is one of the main reasons why
municipalities like to work with us.

Our secondment companies

Wyzer provides the people, projects, and knowledge required to deliver strong public services. We support efficient municipalities and public organizations to help everyone to move ahead, as individuals and society as a whole. We are an advisory and implementation partner particularly for local authorities in the Social, Youth, Care, Physical, Operational Management, and Housing fields. With 1,000 motivated colleagues we tackle a wide range of social issues in the public sector. We do this by providing knowledge, capacity, interim management, advice, and project solutions in the above fields. Wyzer has its own Academy that provides training, courses, and education for internal and external participants every year. The Academy is well known and stands out in the market in terms of quality.

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Plangroep Financiële Services helps employers by providing a range of solutions and customised services to resolve capacity issues in financial institutions. The professionals at Plangroep Financiële Services are specialists who know the field, understand the key issues, and have the required adaptability to deliver added value for our partner. Whether the requirement is for secondment, consultancy, or recruitment & selection, Plangroep Financiële Services provides the solution.

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Our third service is consultancy. In this sector we provide customised solutions for municipalities based on even more specialised capabilities. We are the market leader in fields such as digital communication for spatial planning and sociomedical advice, with more than 100 doctors, and we provide HR solutions.

Our consultancy companies

Argonaut Advies is a nationwide specialist with more than 50 years of experience in sociomedical advice in the social domain. Our aim is to enable people to perform better over the long term, through their work, participation, and self-reliance. We focus on the individual and strive to provide the right care for the client. Argonaut is independent and guarantees objectivity. With detailed knowledge of laws and regulations in the field of income, employment, citizenship, welfare, and social participation. Argonaut Advies operates nationwide and works for municipalities, central government, and the private sector. Working together for independence is what drives us.

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Future Communication helps organisations wishing to implement or supervise changes. Changes that impact the environment in which people live and work. Future Communication provides and implements communication advice, including on strategic issues. This could include environmental communication, production of a content strategy, or internal communication. Future Communication provides the communication that keeps everything running smoothly, as we keep everyone on board and ensure control of the change process. Future Communication works particularly for commissioning clients – through temporary placements to advise and provide hands-on assistance. It can also provide complete project teams to tackle issues from A to Z.

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Human Capital Group is the partner for HRrelated issues in a wide range of organisations. We advise on reorganisations, culture projects and guide employees from job to job. We can also help with the production and implementation of sustainable employability policies. We advise on remuneration, develop a job matrix, and devise a job evaluation system supported by the workforce it is designed for. Our interim professionals meet temporary needs for additional or replacement capacity in the HR discipline.

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In a rapidly changing digital world, it is vital to have the right expertise at your fingertips at all times. We combine our digital growth plans with the work needed to achieve them: We Make Your Digital Work! Sqiq has the highest success ratio in the market, which means it is a mark of quality when it comes to selecting the right professionals - we also give strategic advice on a range of issues and actively hunt down the unique candidates you need.

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